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Ratepayers Geelong is an incorporated community group of people interested in issues of importance to its members and all ratepayers in the Greater Geelong region. Our aim is to keep a watch on the Greater Geelong City Council and call attention to things, both positive and negative, that we believe ratepayers should be aware of.

We welcome new members and the only requirement is a desire to make a difference. The issues we follow are suggested by our members and we encourage anyone in the Geelong region that wants to help, or who has a particular concern, to join us.

As our Rules of Association state, the organisation's purposes are:

  • To function as an educational body to disseminate information on issues and processes of local government;
  • To work for equity for ratepayers and residents;
  • To work for improved democratic process and participation in local government;
  • To work for accountability and good governance in local government, all tiers of government, and other relevant bodies;
  • To promote the return of local government to local control. In particular,
    • To advocate for collaboration, accountability, and transparency within Council;
    • To be a strong voice for the individual ratepayer;
    • To ensure Council decisions, actions and non actions (including planning, expenditure, policies, local laws and outcomes) put ratepayer interests first, are fiscally responsible, protect asset value, avoid self interest agendas, and keep rates to a minimum.

As a community group we are not appointed by anyone and have no ties to any political group, although we are affiliated with Ratepayers Victoria and have a reciprocal arrangement with them. There are a number of such groups in the Geelong region with a special interest in particular areas or topics. We are happy to work with any such where the interests of ratepayers are involved.

Our current office bearers are:

  • Peter Mitchell - President and Media contact
  • Jim Collins - Vice-President and Treasurer
  • Denis O'Bryan - Secretary
  • Antonia Kerr - Membership and Events
  • Alec Sandner - Local Government expert


Ratepayers Victoria: https://www.ratepayersvictoria.com.au/

City of Greater Geelong: https://www.geelongaustralia.com.au/

Victorian Electoral Commission: https://www.vec.vic.gov.au/ 

Victorian Government: https://www.vic.gov.au/